Sunday, August 13, 2017

Who Will You Help ?

In John 5 we see Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda.
That day Jesus didn't heal everyone, only one.

Jesus was entering the city near the Pool and saw the man.  Just as Jesus saw a need as he was journeying, Richard Blackaby tells us to join God where he is already working.   God will point you toward the people (or person) he wants you to help.  People are not your project, they are God's possessions, and cared for as such.  We don't need 'find' people to fix.
Jesus asks the man 'do you want to be healed?'  Some of us don't really want things to change, and when asked, we have excuses.  Before someone can be saved, they have to know they are lost.  Our pains in helping the lost can come from trying too hard, and pushing to reach those who don't want to be found.  Many people don't want your help in their pain, and they don't see you as helpful.  Instead, they resent you.  We don't have the right to expect them to appreciate and honor us in their pain.

You can't help everyone,  but you can help someone.

Who is God putting in your path?
Help them be transformed.
Don't try to change their behavior.
Change their hearts.
Do what is right without expecting a reward.

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