Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Crocheting, Knitting, Cooking, and More

One of the things I hold dear about homeschooling is the ability to do fun things - that are "school" in a way, but really it allows each of my children to be able to express themselves and explore all that there is out there.

For Christmas, my eldest received 2 books - one on crocheting and one on quilling. And she has been steadily working on both these new craft endeavors. I don't have a picture of either of her projects, BUT  she is truly enjoying them. She's even decided to make a temperature blanket for the year! She has had it started, but after we talked with a friend who crochet's for a living she had to take it all out and restart. We also had to change the thickness of her yarn and her needle size. LOL! I'll update once she gets back up and going.

My younger daughter wanted to also learn some crocheting, but she's less confident in her skills. So she tried it for a while and it's now on the side. Her passion lately has been cooking - which is pretty awesome ... less work for me. ;) For Christmas she got a subscription to a company that send her recipes each month. She's gotten 2 boxes and we've managed to do all the recipes from the first box (except the bonus recipe). She had a snafoo with not measuring the baking powder and baking soda out right and her first batch of homemade cookies were ... let's say less than desirable. She made the same recipe again on this past Saturday for dessert when we had some friends over and they were delicious!

And lastly I taught myself how to knit! A friend of mine gave me some pointers and I bought some items including a circular needles and some cool yarn. I then watched a few quick You Tube videos and voila! I even have this to show for my efforts. Isn't it cute?? I hope it will become a headband and I hope I can make 2 (one for each of my girls.) It was much easier then I had anticipated. I'm glad I gave it a whirl!

What kind of fun crafty things are you and yours doing? What hobby have you always wanted to try, but haven't? Why not try this week!
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

You Tube - A Homeschooler's Friend

I wanted to share some of our families favorite You Tube channels. We use these regularly in our school day.

The first one that we use almost every day is called Art for Kids Hub. They have 5 lessons a week -  a new one each day. Mr. Hub is the art teacher and he generally draws with one of his children. They have been a perfect way to get my art loving children doing a little art daily. They have done TONS of pictures since we first started using this channel a few months back.  Below is a picture of all their art they had done up until Christmas.

They also have some painting and origami lessons on their channel. You can also become a member where they share even more ways to draw, paint, sculpt, etc. It's really quite amazing! We can't pick a favorite lesson to showcase because they love them ALL!! And some days mom and dad join in on the art lessons as well.

Another channel we watch regularly is called SciShow Kids. The episodes are only about 10 minutes but explore lots of science things from glaciers to tornados, making slime to why we get earaches, simple machines, space, and awesome animals.

We also just found a new one which has quickly become a favorite called AnimalWonders Montana. The host Jessie from SciShow Kids is also the host of this one and it's all about their rescue center. She share videos of all their different animals - like porcupines, marmoset, macaws, and conures among others - and then tells you about that animal and shows their habitat.

Crash Course Kids deals mainly with scientific areas and created for older elementary age, but my son loves it just as much as my older girls. They have covered subjects about earth science, engineering, physical science, space, and life science.

Another favorite is SpanglerScience TV and it's fantastic science experiments on a big scale. Some of their favorites are the ones he does with Ellen just because of the huge productions they are. A favorite episode of theirs is Exploding Paint Cans and Instant Freeze Water. You should check these ones out!

One of the last ones I'm going to mention today is called Mathantics. It has free math videos that teach concepts in bite sized chunks with fun graphics and funnies throughout. It's geared for upper elementary through high school. My son watches, but most of the concepts he hasn't reached yet in his arithmetic studies.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about some of the channels that we love. If you have ones you love I'd like to check them out so be sure to leave a comment with a link so we can find them!
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Monday, January 8, 2018

Snowpocalypse - Winter Storm Grayson

I've been a little slack over the Christmas holiday. I do apologize for that. But I've had a wonderful Christmas season with my family making memories, being intentional, and creating stronger family bonds that will last a lifetime.

As many of you may know, we live in the SOUTH. So it was quite a surprise (and an answered prayer that I actually pray for each and every winter) to see and hear that SNOW as in the forecast. MANY of my local friends were not happy and those that were had hoped the snow would come, flurry, and then leave as fast as it had blown in. But last Tuesday - January 2nd, 2018 - the temps started to drop and on Wednesday morning we awoke to freezing rain, which led to flurries, which led to FULL BLOWN SNOW! And boy did it snow!! All day long!!! An amazing feat for the southern US, especially near us since we are so close to the coast.
It was snowing hard like this for hours!
We even hit record lows, record maximum highs (which were still low), and record lengths of not going above 40 and with low temps staying below 25! Oh and the airport was CLOSED. And as I type this post today there is still snow on the ground (although now melting since our temperature today is 54) and our pond is finally thawing ... maybe enough for the duck to come home to sleep in tonight. It has not snowed here in 8 years. The last time we were in a different location and my son was only 11 months - he didn't even remember seeing snow. And the last time it disappeared in like a day.

The thing about snow in a strictly southern state that sees any accumulation of snow is that we have absolutely no infrastructure to support this. So roads that are sunny melt in the day and then re-froze each and every night, making driving a very dangerous and treacherous task ... so we opted to stay home most of the time. Some of the main roads were fine and others, not so much. We had to "borrow" sanding and salting trucks - which I heard we had 5,000 tons of sand ... don't think that is enough for all the roads in this area. Secondary roads were being closed, even as late as Sunday morning because of the freezing temps at night. Even one location of where our church meets had to cancel service because the road was closed.
Catching snowflakes
But I truly LOVED every second of Wednesday January 3, 2018! We played in the early flurries. Came in and out a bazillion times. Took the dogs to experience snow - which I don't think either of them had ever really seen. Had a snowball fight. Became amazed as the snow started to pour down and fill up the grass, the flower beds, cover the van, and the trashcan. Caught snowflakes with our tongue. We tried to make a snowman the first day ... to no avail ... but the second day the snow stayed! So we made a snowman, and played again. For hours they went out played hard, came in, warmed up and dried their wet clothes, and then went out again! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!
Made a snowmom and a baby snowkid

Pond beginning to freeze over ... it was totally frozen until today!
We also got to make some things I haven't had in years! We made homemade snow cream (instead of ice cream) - think we did that on Day 3 of snow on the ground. Have you ever made snow cream? Leave a comment with your favorite recipe. I'm sure going to do this again!
Fresh snow cream!

And then the morning of Day 4 before the snow really started to melt at all we made Maple Snow Candy, which my eldest daughter read about in a Little House on the Prairie book -  I think. It tasted so yummy ... and it was even better a few days later.
I didn't have the best pan to "roll" the candy on a stick, but it still worked.
Then last night, the last night for temps to fall into below freezing (28 degrees at 9p) we tried to make some frozen bubbles. They didn't really freeze and I forgot to get ANY pictures of that, but they did float way longer. We'll try that one again ... next time we have a big snow/freeze here ... or when we move to Evansville, IN - which gets colder temps and more snow then here more regularly. ;)

First snow angels! (They made several of these.)
Chord loved the snow and wanted to just run and tun.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Ice Skating Rehearsal

My children have been working very hard over the last few weeks. They are each in a part of this years Christmas ice skating show. The theme for this year is "Holiday Movie Magic on Ice".  There will be 25 separate routines ranging from the Snowplow group (ages 4-5) to Basic 1-6, Pre-Freeskate, Freeskate 1 - 6, Adult skaters, and many solos and group performances. It's one of the favorite of the year and this will be our 4th year.

This year my girls are in the Freeskate 1 - 3 group and they are skating to  "Sparkleyjollytwinklejingley" from the movie Elf.

 My son is the only boy in his group. But he is so cute! His group will be performing to the song "Sleigh Ride" (the Christmas carol). They do such a great job!

The adults are sometimes my favorite group performance. They are preforming to the song "Whoville Medley" from the movie Grinch. Can you find the Grinch below?

My son is actually so looking forward to watching another of the group performances of the Freeskate 4-6 level. They are preforming to "The Polar Express" from the movie of the same name.

They perform this weekend - Saturday at 6p and Sunday at 3p. You can check out our local rink and if you're local they have homeschool ice skating classes!!

What do you do for PE??

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