Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hitting My Stride - Fit Mommy Friday

I don't know what is going on with the time in my days, especially the weekends, but they seem to be escaping.  Has anyone found some extra time?  If so, can you please return it to me?

I meant to post my weight check-in on Friday and now it's Sunday.  So, another late post, but at least I'm checking in.

I weighed on Friday, but it was after I had eaten breakfast.  However, I still showed a loss - even though it was still a slight one.  So I'm calling it just a half pound loss, but a half pound loss is better then any gain any day.  It takes me a few weeks to get back into weighing in, so I'll be getting better week by week, but I'm happy as long as I am losing.

And I'm happy to say I've been sticking with the 1-2 Coke Zeros per day, at least 24 oz. of water, lots of greens and meat and very little carbs.  So yeah to me for sticking with it.  I am noticing it's easier to eat less carbs and I'm feeling a bit less hungry late at night.  That has always been one of my problems.  At night after the children are all asleep and we're relaxing I start thinking about some type of "bad" food (like ice cream, chips, chocolate ... you know) and then I convince myself I'm hungry.  But lately I've been able to curb that or at least most days.  :)

I think that is good.  I must be hitting my stride and really gaining control over the food instead of letting the food having control over me.  So how's your week?  And you can check out others who are on their weight loss journey over at Got Chai?

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Briana said...

Great job!

I used to eat treats at night. They were like a reward for making it through the day! Now I try to have a nice cup of tea and read a good book or watch something with the hubby instead.

Congrats on the weight loss!

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