Monday, January 24, 2011

Reading the Bible in 90 Days - Day 22

I was hoping to be able to report by now that I had finally caught up on my reading, but I haven't.  I actually have fallen even more behind.  Not sure why, but I am still reading.  Most days I'm at least able to read one days worth of reading, but last week I spend some of my free time deep-cleaning, so I was read less.  I also had several meeting and responsibilities over the weekend which in turn took some time away too.

This week, I am determined to catch up.  I'm doing a few short things on the computer now while my little tornado is sleeping and the girls are with their grandmother and then I plan on reading a day's worth.  That way at the end of the evening I can read some more and maybe read 2 days today.  If I'm able to do that and I'm able to read 2 day's worth a few more times this week, I may finally catch up.

But I'm not concerned that I'm not at the exact place everyone else is at.  I would like to be, but life is not the same for all of us.  Life is life and it messes with your plans sometimes.  So I'm continuing my reading in almost every spare minute I have and am learning a lot. 

When reading through Leviticus and Numbers that I am SOOOOOO glad I did not have to live during those times.  I would have had to remembered all those sacrifice laws and that seems impossible.  I have no idea how Moses even remembered it to repeat it, never mind to put the sacrifice laws in place.  It's amazing how they could remember that, yet they forgot time and again WHO it was that brought them out of Egypt.  Have you forgotten WHO you are reading for?  Hang in there and hang with me.  Don't feel discouraged if you are behind, but remember you are reading to know and learn more of HIM.


Lisa said...

I am stopping by on the Blogwalk and I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award and you can see my post here.

Jennifer said...

Just like you said, don't get discouraged. Keep reading! I'm stopping by on the TOS crew blog walk.

Briana said...

I did this last year. I couldn't actually do all of the reading so I listened to some of it on my ipod. It was worth it and some day I want to try it again and actually read every chapter instead of listening to some of them.

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