Friday, December 3, 2010

Challenge Week 6 - Fit Mommy Friday

Okay it's been 2 weeks since I have posted ANYTHING about my weight loss journey and that is horrible. And to make matters worse I have gained back everything I had lost (plus a bit) as of last week after Thanksgiving.

One of the reasons for the quiet is because I had just forgotten last week and the week before I was not at home for a mini get-away with a friend and had no computer access.

Not that that is an excuse at all. To make matters worse I've kinda been in a slump since I gained back everything. Argghh! I was doing so well. So this week I went back to trying to my best. Doing the workout videos has been a challenge. Just can't seem to find the time. To make up for it I've been parking WAY out so I can get extra walking in. I guess that's better then nothing. I've also been going up and down our stairs more then usual to increase the 'exercise' intake.

I've also adjusted my eating to a low carb (when I can) and then using the Weight Watcher's point system to keep track of things. Haven't done very good at that since I don't have a lot of resources for WW, but a friend of mine gave me a point calculator and one of the first beginning books that explains their new revamped system. One of the reasons I don't really use WW is because when my husband and I did that many years ago he did not lose weight, but gained and we were eating similar foods (except he had more points) and he was always hungry. So then when we found Atkins (and hit it hard) we did well.

The hardest thing for me now is that my husband hasn't been here as much and is eating with me as much so I'm kind of lonely. And my children don't eat salads (as much). But I know I have GOT TO DO SOMETHING! This is horrible! So I have resolved to try and keep focused for the next few weeks and do my best. Maybe I can still lose something to call this a win for me.

This past week I have lost about 1.5 lbs of the weight I gained back, but I'm still at a net gain. Not good. Hope you all have done better. And don't forget to check in on the rest of the Challenge Contestants over at Got Chai?


momma24 said...

It is so hard when we backtrack. :( BUT, you started again and lost some, so GREAT JOB!!! Keep it up!!

Samantha said...

You should read the book I am reading, The Eden Diet. It isn't a diet, it is approaching food in a godly manner, as He designed us to eat. I bought the Kindle download on Amazon. Very good read. I have lost weight withe no effort at the worst time of the month using this book. My working out is also going well. Maintaining was just as hard as losing, until now! You should check it out.

Lorus! said...

It is so hard to start again when you have had a setback! I am proud of you for getting back in there!

Briana said...

Keep going! Just getting back to it is that hardest part. You can do it!

SisterTipster said...

Don't give UP on can do this one day at a time~ Remember this is a journey about progress not perfection! You know what's working and what isn''s a learning process too!! I can relate to set backs, but staying on course will get you to your goals...pray about this~He cares! HUGS!!

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