Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reminder A Walk in My Shoes Airs Tomorrow!

Last week I told you all about a Family Movie Night that was coming up.  Well it's here!  Tomorrow night (December 3rd) at 8pm on NBC they will be airing A Walk in my Shoes.

Stephen and I had the opportunity to watch an online screening.  So last night we hooked Stephen's netbook up to our television and we were able to watch the movie in almost a normal fashion.  (Although I did not have any popcorn mainly because of a tooth issue I'm having, but I was thinking about popcorn.)

The movie has one main plot with two to three other subplots intertwined into the main plot.  The main characters were believable and really spoke to issues you can really relate to.  I loved one line from the movie that said "Life isn't so much a puzzle, then a plan."  Isn't that so true.

There was one character who I would classify as trying to be portrayed as an 'angel.'  However, I'm not sure her characterization is quite realistic, but her role did get the point across as necessary.

I also was not a fan of the ending.  My husband thought it ended well.  I thought it might have been just a tad abrupt and seemed to go from one story line to a completely other story line without a smooth transition.

There was good content within the movie and I know that many could relate to many of the situations that the characters were dealing with.  Life is hard, but we need to always be alert to what God is presenting us.  I thought the movie was very heartwarming and I was teary-eyed in some portions, but not weeping (which I have done before).

I chose not to watch this movie with my children mainly because this is not something I think any younger child should watch, but I would not have had to "worry" about inappropriate language or actions.  This was a very clean and wholesome movie.  I also liked that the children in the movie seemed to be more respectful to the parents which is not the norm for todays movies and shows.

So if you think that this might be a movie you would like to watch  check out this trailer.  Then be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8pm EST on NBC and watch A Walk in my Shoes.  You might learn something ...  I know I did.

*** I was given the opportunity to pre-screen this movie online before it airs tomorrow night, December 3rd.  In exchange for that opportunity, I agreed to post about the movie on my blog.  The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.  I received no other compensation.***

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