Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slow Week

Well, it's not necessarily been slow per se, just slow going with my posts.  I got a message earlier tonight that made me giggle.  A friend said "What happened to you this week ... I miss you. Come back real soon."  I then knew that I needed to write something even if it is quite late, so that all of you, my fellow bloggers, friends and followers, would not miss me any longer.

For starters this week I had planned to write WAY more than what I actually wrote.  That is in part to an incident that happened on Monday.  In some weird occurrence I injured my hand (on the palm of my right hand) which made typing and writing quite ... uncomfortable.  I also have been having some tendinitis issues reoccurring in my hands, mainly in my right hand, which is my predominate hand.  So between these two injuries, writing, typing, even moving my hand at times has been quite painful.

Luckily those pains have been subsiding and I am now once again able to return to the cyberworld of blogging.

So I promise, not to go on a leave of absence in the future without due notice.  Secondly, I promise that if I do, it will probably be again something to do with pain in the hands.  Thirdly, I really do appreciate all my followers and love your comments - they make me think, ponder, and create.

Now beyond this (since this is such a random post) I know I have forgotten to do many of my "normal" posts this week.  I do plan on rejoining the regular schedule this week.  But not today. (However, since it's after midnight and actually Saturday morning I will be posting again today ... but you get what I mean.)  I did have noble plans on posting my normal Fit Mommy post today, but I forgot all about it until way late.  I also have many posts a brewin' in my brains - one about a labeler I won, another about our school week this week, and yet another on the provision of God.  So I hope you come back and check in with me again.  I promise, I will deliver on my promises. :)

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