Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's still morning and I was going to post a few posts today (or at least one) as promised.  But after remembering what today is I wanted to pay a bit of tribute.

Do you remember?  What were you doing?  Where were you?  How did this impact your life?

There are people every day that are dying without ever knowing Christ.  On that pivotal day in modern American history, how many died without ever hearing the name of JESUS?  Take some time and think of how your life reflects Christ.  Then act.  Do something.  Remember those lost, but remember there are many who are still physical alive, but spiritually dead.  Remember that our main job on earth as Christians is to bring Christ to the world.  That means whether you are in the gas station, the grocery store, or on the mission field, you should always be a reflection of Christ's love and saving grace.

Take a minute and go to another friends blog.  Over at Debbie's Digest, she posted some beautiful pictures and video links.  She also has links to others who also have posted about what this day meant to them 9 years ago.  Let's remember to pray.  Not only to pray for our military who still today risk their lives (like my little brother) to protect our FREEDOM, but also to pray for those who we may meet.  That we might be the ones to bring them to the realization that JESUS is the only one who can truly PROTECT us and FREE us from our sin.



Debbie said...

Thanks for linking to me....
Never Forget!
God Bless America!!!
Pray for our leaders! They need Salvation.

Guiding Light said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Great post! I pray we will never forget...and that we will remember to keep the Lord first (although, I'm afraid it seems we have already forgotten). Blessings!

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