Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New TOS Review!!! Travel Kits Come in Handy

I don't know about you, but the idea of traveling with young kids can be very stressful. That is why I was so excited to be able to review this product. The product is called Travel Kits - A Simple Way to Bless Others written by Donna Rees.

This e-book is choc-full of great ideas of how to make these cute and interesting travel kits for babies to toddlers to kids of all ages (including mom and dad). These kits could be made as gifts for families that are going on long trips or short ones. They will be a true blessing to the family. Here is another picture of the inside of the book.

The cost for this product is only $12.45. That is a great price for the priceless information Mrs. Rees provides. You can go here to check out more products that are offered from this duo of Donna Rees and The Old Schoolhouse, Inc. You can also contact The Old Schoolhouse here.

One of the reason I chose this review was because I knew we would be going on a trip to Florida in July and I thought it would be an awesome time to try out her ideas. So I went to the store and purchased all my supplies. I have two daughters - Arianna (about to be 7) and Audrie (about to be 5) and one son, Seanan (only 16 months.) So I bought similar items for both my girls so that they wouldn't fight too much. For Seanan, I only bought a few items and I may not wrap his. He'll just try and eat the paper. The girls have a mixture of fun stuff, movies and snacks and I'm packing them in little buckets so all the items can stay contained while we are driving. I may confiscate the buckets to use for the next trip, but we'll have to see - they might not relinquish them. I plan on saving some of the gifts for the return trip, so they have fun on the way home also. The treats are for those times when I hear "I'm hungry," which is bound to happen at least once on our 6.5 hour trek. Here's a picture of everything before I wrapped them.

In the book I found present ideas for everything from crafts to origami to books to hats. You name it and I bet it's in here. I loved her suggestions on distribution like handing out the presents every ___ minutes; after you see a certain sign; cross a state line, etc. She also had an idea of using pill boxes and filling each day with little treats like gummies and chocolates.

She also had an awesome way to help out the family when you give them these kits. When you have several children or people you could wrap each person's gift in a certain wrapping paper or use a special string to tie each person's gifts, or number them. Her idea for a card to go along with the kits for mom so that she would know whose presents was whose just by looking at the card was genius!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this review and that is has sparked your interest. Maybe you are going on a trip or you have friends that are planning a long trip you can prepare your own travel kits.


Lexi @ Pink and Orange Coffee said...

that is so cool that you made these kits for your vacation! Hope you have a GREAT TRIP!!!

Martha said...

Sounds like you enjoyed this review and it was very useful for you just before your trip. Enjoy you kits on your trip.

Martha said...

Sounds like you enjoyed this review and that it was useful for you as you prepared for your trip. Enjoy your kits and your trip.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It looks like you put together some really nice things for your trip. I hope you have lots of fun!

The Crazy Mom said...

Fab! Of course! And pics to book. You rocked it, Kelly!!! :)

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