Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Late Nature Tuesday - Caged and Uncaged

Our past week has been quite a whirlwind with driving from the Charleston area of SC to Tallahassee FL (to visit friends) and back again - all in 5 days. But I did manage to find some great nature pictures (even if some of them were within caged areas.)

While we were in Tallahassee we were able to visit at the Tallahassee Museum which had all sorts of animals. Some of my our favorites were the big cats of course,
Florida Panther

We also saw the most beautiful cypress trees while walking through the museum. I just could not resist taking the pictures of them.

It was truly breathtaking to see these enormous roots of the trees thriving in what looks like to the untrained eye as (what the girls would call) mucky muck.  I hope that these pictures depict the awe-filled feeling that I had when I walked past them.

Then we also saw some deer.  They were so peaceful and graceful.  It reminded me of the Scripture - "... the deer pants for the water."

Take some time, even while on vacation, and see how God can speak to you through His creation. And be sure to check out other Nature Tuesday posts over at Peace Creek On the Prairie.

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