Wednesday, July 28, 2010

They Were a Hit!!

As you all know last week (on Thursday evening) I posted about some Travel Kits that I did a review on for TOS. If you didn't get to read that post, please check it out here. I also made my own Travel Kits for my 2 daughters for our very long trip to Tallahassee, FL. I am writing here to give the results.

Drum Roll Please .......

They were a HIT!! The girls managed to open several of their gifts before it got too dark to play with any of them. I even (not really on purpose) made enough gifts for some while were there (as a reward for good behavior) and for the trip back and even some for today. I guess next time I may want to calculate how many gifts to purchase for the time involved.

The return trip was a bit better and they were able to play more so that was very exciting - for them and for mom and dad! Here's a picture of them opening up of a most anticipated gift (they knew it was in there, just didn't know when they'd get to it.) [Oh man, it seems as if I can't find the picture. Boo. I will have to try and find it tomorrow and edit this post.]

So all in all I would highly recommend trying to make a Travel Kit for your next trip or for someone else's trip. I would also make sure you wrap snacks - they came in very helpful. (We packed ours in a separate color so we knew all the black monster wrapped ones were food.)

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TerriG said...

I love seeing kits and I look forward to creating some.

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