Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Normal

With the buzz of the end of the week and getting Stephen back safely into our home and then having time to catch up with him and such, I had forgotten to tell everyone that he was home and life was now back to normal. It's funny how strange things are when one of the family is missing. I informed Stephen he was not allowed to leave like that again. Not that I couldn't handle it, I just do not like it one bit!

So we are back to our normal life. The girls are especially happy that he is home. I think that Audrie has told him she missed him like 3 times a day since he's been back. There's also been random "I love you daddy" from both of them throughout the day. I'm sure Stephen finds it nice to know he is missed when he is not here.

So the beginning of this week is off to a great start. We're up and starting school early today since the girls are having a sleepover at Savtah's (their grandmother - that's grandmother in Hebrew) today but they leave here around 11am - our normal "start of school." This is one of the great things about homeschooling. You can schedule things and not fret too much about it. So Ari is at the table beginning her math, while Audrie collects her items for the sleepover. Then they will switch. Once Arianna has her things she will finish up her work and we should be ready to get over to Savtah's. That will leave me only with Seanan, My plan is to get his clothes put away in his new dresser upstairs and to finish painting his bedroom. We went and got paint over the weekend since I completely ran out last week. Hopefully I can finish the bedroom and start moving him into the bedroom tomorrow (after the paint has had some time to clear out of the room.) We'll see how that goes. I'll give an update in a day or so.

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