Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 of Being on my Own

Well, today is Thursday - the beginning of the 4th day that Stephen has not been home. And I'm surviving. We're surviving. The girls have done amazingly well. Much better then I expected, especially Audrie. I think Seanan is missing daddy because when he spoke on the phone the other day he was looking all over for him. Overall I think this week has been going well. (I hope I haven't spoken too soon.)

I have accomplished some of the things I wanted to do. I have painted Seanan's room - well at least all that I could since I ran out of paint. We may go and buy more today, but we'll see. Instead of paint today I think I might mow the lawn and switch out my clothes, which I've been trying to accomplish for about a month. It will be great to be living out of my dresser instead of living out of the giant space bag that's on the floor in the living room. It is doing a duty out there. The space bag is heavy enough to hold Seanan's "gate" contraption closed so he doesn't just escape and run all over the house.

The girls have had lots of fun this week too. We had recently bought a Wii. So we then bought them a ballet game that we could have a "prize" for them for good behavior when daddy was gone. So they had to earn a yellow Wii dollar (we made these up to they could learn that the Wii was a privilege not a right.) On a regular basis they have to earn 3 blue Wii dollars in order to play the Wii on any given day. They can save up their Wii dollars and play for a longer time with more than 3 dollars (it earns like an extra 10 minutes of game time.) So the yellow ones are for great behavior each day and each child has to earn 1 per day for a total of 10. If daddy does not get 10 when he returns home, no game. I'm happy to say that they have earned 3 each so far. They've had their normal moments of child behavior, but nothing that was so horrible that I had to deem the entire day ruined. They've also been very helpful with doing chores around the house. So I am very pleased with the results of this week.

Well, I need to run. Seanan is ready to get up and eat and the girls need their next direction of what to do for school. Audrie's doing her math right now and Ari's working on handwriting and should be done already and moving on to her devotion. So off I go ...

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