Sunday, May 16, 2010

What has been going on...?

It has been a long while since I've been able to post. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the lack of energy I have late at night, or the mounds of chores I always seem to have. Either way I have been neglecting my blog, which was never my intention when I began this journey.

So first I will give a mini-update. Stephen came home and I am so glad he did. I do not like when he leaves. I think I mentioned that in my last blog. Then that next week Stephen's mom had the week off and helped watch the children on several occasions so I could finish the painting of Seanan's room. I have only painted half of the closet so far, but the plan is to complete that this week along with the bathroom in his room. That same week I helped a friend start a painting job in her son's room -= Spiderman. And lastly we gave a baby shower for a wonderful lady at our church - Sarah - who is due any day now.

Then last week I was trying to get things in order so that I would be ready to participate in an online Homeschool Conference/Seminar. It was called the Schoolhouse Expo given by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The seminar began on Wednesday the 12th and lasted through the 14th. I am going to post a separate post on that seminar but I will say here that it was awesome! I had a wonderful time and was able to listen to a lot of speakers who I really enjoy.

Then on Friday we attended the Senior Baccalaureate at Stephen's school. It was a bit shorter then we had anticipated, but they all seemed very pleased that Stephen attended. On Saturday we has a family affair while we all joined in the process of Seanan's first haircut. Daddy held him, I cut the hair, Arianna video taped it while Audrie watched. Now he has a true big boy hair cut and looks so grown up. I'll try to post pictures this week.

And to end, tonight we attended another wonderful service at the Journey Church. It was the 5th of a 6 part series called His/Hers. Tonight's sermon was on What is it Like to be a Husband? You can check out the sermon here.

So that's what's been going on. I will try to follow this up with a post solely on the Homeschool Seminar either tonight or tomorrow. It was loads of fun and I'm looking forward to doing this again in the fall.

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