Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is it like to be a woman?

Well, if this title intrigues you let me tell you two things. First this is one of the titles in our current series at church. Secondly, this is also the same lesson that my husband and I are leading at tonight's small group. I am excited and anxious to get to group. Last week we talked about what it is to be a man. Of course we are talking all of this from the Scriptures. You can check it out yourself in Genesis 2:18-3:7. You can also listen to this weeks past sermons (or any of our pervious ones or upcoming ones) at the Journey website.
Anyways, I hope that we are able to have a great night, with great discussion and that we truly see how God designed us women to be. One thing that I learned from this particular teaching is that we - women - really like our men to KNOW us. Know us without us having to tell them what we want, need, like, etc. Isn't that true? Well, wish us luck - me luck. Off I go ...

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