Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Online Homeschool Convention

Yesterday was a great day. I was checking on things on Facebook, and saw a post from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I then realized I hadn't signed up for their online Homeschool Expo. I had talked about it with Stephen a while ago and then life helped me forget. I immediately got my purse and went to the site to register. And boy am I glad I did. They had their first "preview" of their expo last night. It was a talk by Malia Russell of Homemaking 911. She was going to be presenting 2 talks the first on "Managing a Multi-Level Home School" and the second on "The Difficult Child." I frantically registered for the event, then had to sign up for the Webinar (seminar given over the web) and then I found out that there were handouts I needed to download for that night's seminar. I managed to get it all done in the nick of time. At about 5 minutes before the event started, I started the process to sign into the event - which ended up taking 15 minutes. (Note to self ... try starting to head to the webinar about 15 minutes before the seminar beginning so as not to miss any of the great information.)

The great thing was that this was Tuesday night - and the girls were with Stephen's mom. The hard thing about last night, was it was grocery night. So instead of being able to give my undivided attention I was cutting coupons for my Publix run, while listening to the first seminar. I was still able to take a page of notes, and I loved all the neat information. One of the things I heard actually was more of an encouragement to me then a new piece of information I learned about. It was the whole combining subjects with children of multiple ages. Even though my girls are only 6 and 4 I still have them do Science and History together. They also work on their Latin together - even thought the little one isn't required to learn Latin yet. We plan on as they get older to combine more subjects, as is able, and then when Seanan enters the learning picture he'll be put in to the mix too.

The next seminar I ended up missing entirely. My baby, Seanan (who's not really a baby , but a toddler now at 13 months), was becoming cranky and we had to run to the grocery store to get our stash. Seanan was less then thrilled about being at the store - he really just wanted to go to bed. So we rushed around the store and got the necessities, as I hoped that I would get back for at least a little bit of the seminar. But to my dismay, I had missed it all. It's not all bad though - once the seminar begins they will give us access to the entire seminar including the Q&A sections and the handouts and such. So now I just need to wait until May to hear what I've heard was an awesome seminar.

I am so looking forward to the whole Expo. It's coming up on May 12-14th. There is still time to register and for an awesome price. If you want to learn more go to the Old Schoolhouse HomeSchool Expo and maybe you can come and join in too. There is one more "preview" seminar on the 29th of this month by the Clarkson's. They will have three separate talks that evening. Click this link for an entire list of the speakers. as well as their topics.

Well, I'm off to begin school and the chores of the day. I thank God for this wonderful day and pray that I could put the new things I've learned into practice, beginning with today.

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