Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stillness in the House

As I begin to write this I worry that at any minute my few moments of silence will be loudly interrupted. But, however, I will proceed. I haven't had as much time to write the last 2 weeks as I would have hoped so I want to catch everyone up on some things we've been doing.
First off we are basically complete with the Olympics lapbook. I know that they have been over for sometime, but with small children who can't stay up all hours of the night watching the Olympics - we saved them on our DVR and watched when we could. We still have the grand finale to complete (we're half through it), but the girls don't really seem to mind. So we glued the last little books in and will be connecting the three file folders together to make the very large lapbook complete. I still need to look up how to connect them, but I hope it doesn't need much room to store. I'll be posting pictures of the completed book later this week.
I mentioned in my last post that last week was spring break for my husband (who teaches at a local Christian school). So I had decided that I could do less bookwork and put our time into a new unit study/lapbook combination. However, my plans didn't fully work out. We were able to start the unit study/lapbook, which is on Australia, but not complete it. This bummed me out a bit, but that's part of the joy of homeschooling - to be able to make adjustments and mold yourself into the current situation and not be held to the box of "school time". We did finish through Day 3 of 5 days, but we haven't really done any of the lapbooking parts.
Hopefully we'll finish that this week and then next week I'll post pictures and a review of the study. I'm trying to become a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Homeschool Crew, which reviews products after use. This Australia study and another on being a Fireman are the two "test reviews" I get to try my hand at. If I get chosen, I could be a Homeschool Crew reviewer. I've been wanting to get into reviewing and writing about homeschooling more and more lately and I saw this as an opportunity that the Lord presented to me.
Well, that's all for now. Before the stillness is broken, I should get some quick chores completed (fold laundry, dishes, quiet time, coupons filed and pulled for tonight's grocery run.) Hopefully, I'll get the majority of them done before Stephen gets home (but I'd be kidding myself if I really thought that was going to happen - he should be home by 6:15p and that gives me only an hour.)

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