Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Year Older

I meant to write this post the other day - right around my birthday, but alas plans don't always follow their plan. So instead I write this almost a week later, but I am still writing it. Last week was kind of a blur; not because of my birthday but because of all the things being done at our new church building. We were preparing for our first service that is to be held this coming week. We've put a lot of time and energy into the building these last few weeks, and it's coming together so fast. This Sunday we had a prayer tour in the building and IT WAS AWESOME! It's finally time and God has prepared us for this new chapter in our journey at Journey.
But, that has nothing to do with my birthday, does it?? Well my girls (and my mother-in-law)got me some beautiful shirts. My husband bought me the next book in a series I'm reading (Tides of Truth) and a new Vera Bradley purse. My parents got me some jewelry and some perfume (which I'm still not too sure of - I'm very sensitive to smells so I hope it works, but we'll have to see.) My (awesome) sister has offered a massage or pedicure. I haven't given her the answer, but I think that I'll be picking a massage. I could really use one, but I have to wait until i get done painting in the house and moving furniture and after these last two weeks at the church. I don't want to ruin my massage by doing heave physical labor right afterwards, that is not my idea of rest. Oh and i got money from Stephen's grandmother so maybe I can get the pedicure with that and have both.
Well, that all for now. Tiredness has now set in and it's quite late. But stay-tuned I have an update on the Australia unit study as well as my first paying cake gig. Very exciting!


Becky said...

well i thinking picking the massage was a great idea!!!...now you just have to pick the date...when you come over to eat dinner at house with like everyone for that ham we are having you should have your card so you can go whenever you like!!!...it should be good!!!...

Kelly said...

Hey - I never got my card for my massage :( I feel like I was forgotten. Just kidding, but thank you again for being such a great little sis!

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