Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Blur of a Week

I have been meaning to post something all week and it seems as if I could never find the time. I have a few minutes and I'll see what I can get done (before Seanan starts getting fussy and needs to go to bed.) Well this week was Spring Break for Stephen and we had so many grand plans - straighten up, Seanan's one year old birthday dinner, the birthday party on Saturday, helping with work at our new church (painting, tiling, cleaning and the like), and hopefully a date night or two thrown in there for good measure.
Well most of the plans did get accomplished, however, not the original way. Our babysitting plans got thwarted when my mother-in-law got sick and was not able to watch the children as much as she had hoped. We also worked a lot more than I had intended at the church - but in retrospect that was what God wanted for us to accomplish. Stephen did not get to rest as much as I had hoped he would either. But all in all, I think as hectic a week it was, it was a great week.
Seanan turned one on Thursday (March 11th). I can't believe it's been a full year. He's walking EVERYWHERE now and does not really like to be "penned" in. As well as I have baby-proofed the house, we have carpet and dogs (collies who blow their coats) and there are fuzzies everywhere all the time. Those fuzzies call to Seanan - eat me! He also does many signs and this past week was the first time (after many, many months of teaching) he signed more instead of screeching for more food. I was so pleased. Other signs he does is sleep, eat, all done, and up. He understands many directions and says other things - just not so others understand him as well.
Well, I'll probably update more tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

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Becky said...

well i know one thing...dinner was yummy on Thursday!!!...and My nephew loved that huge truck!!!..I got some good pictures that night...

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