Friday, February 12, 2010

In Anticipation of Snow

I am so very, very excited. I know most people don't share my enthusiasm for winter and snow, but I'm originally from New York (upstate, not the city) [in case anyone didn't already know that]. So snow is normal for me. Other than the fact I've lived in the south now longer then I lived in the north. But even though the years have passed, I still long for a real autum that turns into winter with SNOW. And today it has been predicted. When I woke up I was still skeptical, but now it has begun to rain. Rain = precipitation. Which could combie with the temp dropping below 32 and then continuing to rain which would then = SNOW!!! YEAH. If it does snow (which I won't hold my breath for) then I will be posting pictures. It will be too good to be true and I will need some pictures to remember what that beautiful white dust looks like.

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