Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Fall

So as predicted, it did snow. And not that fake kind of snow. You know the stuff where it looks pretty but is gone in a millisecond and definitely does not stick. Now here in Summerville we received 8.2" of snow on the 12th. That is amazing! It was funny. One moment we were running into Target to pick up a few things and it was raining. The next we were coming out to our van to find it covered with snow. So from 6:30 through the entire evening (and well into the next morning) the snow came. I was a very happy camper. I felt like a little kid again back in New York after the first snow fell. I even had a moment when I thought that at any moment my dad would say that he'd go out to start working on my ice rink. [When I was little we had a dip in our yard that would fill with rain/snow. And since it was started my dad would add to it to make a pretty decent homemade ice rink that I enjoyed every winter.] Then I remembered ... we were in the south, and the snow might not last the morning snow. But to my delight, I was wrong. Not only did the snow last the morning our whole family was bale to get up and get dressed to go play in it. The girls tried their best to make a snowman (snowlady - they said it was me), and made beautiful snow angels. Seanan laughed and laughed as the girls and daddy ran around the yard and driveway throwing snowballs at each other. I just enjoyed the brief pristine white snow and memories of the greatest fun as a child.

However, I do know that many went without power for many hours. We were included in the many. Just as soon as we were inside, changed and drinking our hot chocolate our power went "kaboom." So we ran around town most of the day while I took pictures of all the places we normally go. It was quite astounding to see so much snow in a place that I have lived for over 15 years and have never seen snow stick. I think it was God's valentine to me. Thank you Lord for loving me so much to send snow.


Becky said...

The pictures look amazing!!! sure was a change of scenery...and I believe I loved it as much as you!!!...

Kelly said...

Don't know about that. I'm older and have been away from snow longer. You've been to NY, remember???

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