Thursday, February 11, 2010

Growing Up

Well, Today marks Seanan's 11th month. Isn't it quite funny how when you are pregnant some weeks seem like months, but once the baby is here (and you've recovered a wee bit) the next thing you know they're all grown up. That's what these last few months seem to me. It seems like just the other day we were bringing our sweet boy home. Now in one month he will be one year! That's just amazing! He is definately the life of our party. He absolutley adores his two sisters who dote on him consistently. He is walking all over the place (which beats both his sisters by almost 2 months.) He also is beginning to only want "big boy" food instead of the baby goop. He likes to pick up everything. We have this little plastic gate/pen thing that has sufficed to keep him contained. That is until now. Now he feels it's necessity to roam. However, we have stairs and carpet that no matter how many times is vaccuumed still accumulates big clumps of people and dog hair. In our last place neither of those items were problems - we had hard floors and no stairs. Wow what a difference that makes. He also likes to eat things he finds even if it is a fuzzy, or hair, or even a leftover puff from earlier that he dropped.
With that said, I love watching him grow up. He's just amazing. He is so different from both of his sisters. It truly reminds me that the Lord has created us all individually the way He wanted us to be. I can not wait to find out and explore all the reasons Seanan was created. Remember that each day the Lord has given us our children, spouse, our family to remind us that we are His children and on this earth to show the world His glory. Seanan helps me remember that.

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