Monday, February 8, 2010

Today is Monday. I generally do not care for Mondays. Mainly becasue for the last six or so months it means that I do not get to see my husband until 8:30pm. It also is because it's the beginning day of the school week and sometimes my girls don't seem to be in the mood for "school." I think they think that since we homeschool we can "skip" days whenever they'd like. They don't like it when mommy doesn't agree with their idea.
However, for a Monday, today has been pretty good. There are still at least 2 more hours before Stephen will be home, but I think we can make it.
Ari began her first day in her new Math book (the beginning of 2nd grade math since she completed her 1st grade curriculum over a week ago.) She was very excite about this new book. And to make things even better for me she completed it without much direction. She is definately growing up. Audrie finished up the letter "k" week and we begin the letter "l" week tomorrow. We have been introducing one letter per week, starting with the vowels first. We take it a bit slower with Rie then we did with Arianna, just because she doesn't seem to be in such a rush. Not that Ari was rushing, but it just clicked with her faster then it seems to be with Audrie. That's one of the most amazing things about homeschooling. Each child doesn't have to neatly fit into the box. We can create curriculum choices based on the child and their own specific interests and desires that God created them for. That is AWESOME!
Well, I promised we'd go bikeriding and it's getting a bit dark so I need to go let them have some fun outside while brother is sleeping for a bit. Have a great week!

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Sherri said...

I can't wait until our children are old enough for curriculum! and learning more... I'm looking forward to hearing more about your homeschool plans. The more I learn from you, the more prepared I will be.

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