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CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts ~~ A New TOS Review!!

For this review I was a little sneaky. I didn't even tell my son he was getting a review. LOL! That's because I wanted him to be surprised when he watched the video that was made by Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name.  He was so shocked when he began watching the personalized gift we had received, especially when they said his name out loud. This video was created by CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts and he loved it!

So before I show you the video of his reaction when he first played the video let me tell you a little more about CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts. They believe that EVERY name is special, unique, and beautiful and they want to help you remind your child of that.  They want to join with you to celebrate the gift of their name. CrossTimber is a family run company based out of Ohio that has a passion for researching the meaning behind names and then encouraging people with personalized gifts.
His expression says it all!
Their newest venture is Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name a 28 minute video that not only tells the origin of the name but also the meaning of their name. It also uses the childs original artwork to help with the personalization of the video. The HD video can be downloaded so that it can be viewed again and again. You can also chose to order a DVD version of the video for an additional cost. CrossTimber will research the meaning of your children's names and then create a fun video with animated cartoon figures - including a pencil named Ben, Mr. Owl, and a Lost Lamb. These characters all help explain how special the name of a person is and that it has a deeper meaning then just what you are called. There is also Scripture sprinkled throughout the video the reiterates how unique a name is.
Watching the video
Ben meeting Mr. Owl

During the video your child will see their name over a dozen times written out, hear their name spoken about 20 times and they will even see their full name and address on a letter.

When you order the video you have the option of uploading a piece of their own artwork which will then be used within the video as an integral part of how Ben the pencil gets around to help find the origin and meaning of your child's name. I highly suggest adding this one piece of information.
original drawing I uploaded
Here it is after it became a Rocket Ship
Here his drawing was the Rocket Ship that launched them into space.

Also when ordering you the parents (or grandparents, godparents, aunts or uncles) have the ability to write up a little information of where and how your child's name was chosen. If you do this extra part that letter is read out loud to your child at the end of the video and shown to them virtually. They also hand pick a Bible verse that coordinates well with the meaning/origin of your child's name.  This is a gift which they will certainly treasure for many years.

As we sat and watched the video together I watched my son light up each anad every time the video mentioned his name specifically. You will see in the video below that he did say he was a bit "freaked out" that they knew his name. I had to pause and tell him I gave them his name. LOL!

He also recognized his picture that I had sent in. It was an art drawing that we had all done and they were on our mantle for a while. He was so proud of that drawing and I knew it would make him happy to see it 'come to life' so to speak within the video. At the end of the video it shows a picture of your child and he remembered that I had asked him to come and take a picture outside. My alterior motive was for this video, but I also like to get pictures when it's a nice day in a new season.

Later on in the video we got to hear Mr. Owl as he read the origin behind my son's name. We also were read a letter that my husband and I scripted about how and why we chose his name. He hadn't remembered heraring this story and was alight as he intently listened to the letter.
You can get this as a real framed piece of art!
There are many extras you can also purchase as keepsakes. These would be perfect as birthday gifts or even for Christmas. And there are many variations which I think is awesome. There are also a set of activities that we were graciously given to help reiterate how special a name is. Ours included a page of mazes out of his name, a page where he could practice writing his name in cursive and about 8 others. We haven't gone through them all, but he LOVED this personal touch of these activity pages.
A few of the activity pages
Working on cursive.

If you want a unique gift that showcases your childs wonderful name that will be a treasured piece for years to come I highly suggest you check out  Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name by CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts. Also you want to go over to the Homeschool Review Crew and check out their reviews of this product as well - click on the link below! You can find them also on Pinterest!

Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! {CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts Reviews}

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