Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mission Evansville: Trip #2

The Trip

This trip was different than the first one in a big way . . . we took the kids! Our expected 11 hour trip took more like 14, but we got there safely and learned some tricks and tips along the way. We haven't taken many LONG trips like this so I asked on FB what's the best way to pack for them. One of my favorite tips was to pack each day's items in their own bag so all the kiddos had to do was get the bag marked for that day. They all seemed to like that and we added that each bag was written in a specific color.

Anyway, we made it after travelling all day. We did take a bunch of rest and potty breaks. We were hoping to be there to help out at an event that was happening at the Bridge Church, but we got in a few hours too late. We were able to stay in the church cottage and the kids were able to see in person their spaces of where they'd be living over the next week.

We had several things planned - fun activities, exploring the town, looking at the area, and helping with some church activities and events.

A Night of Ministry

Working with Bridge Church at the Dream Center facility in the Jacobsville area on Sunday evening allowed us a better glimpse at the community we are hoping to serve.  Though attendance was low, as we consistently and intentionally meet the needs of the residents, it will open up opportunities to preach the Gospel and engage them in the the study of Scripture.

Later in the week we helped with the Dream Center’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.  The Dream Center focuses its services on children and their families.  Two of their biggest needs are volunteer tutors, specifically in math and science, and a church partnership for the families using the facility to attend.  We are hoping to fill both these needs upon our arrival.

This also afforded us the opportunity to start building relationships with others that are already serving in the community.  The other major organization in the area (ECLC) serves meals to the homeless and provides basic medical care as well as referral services for other needs.  As we transition out of our current areas of service here in SC, we hope to bring some of our talents and expertise to benefit them also.

It has been a process for our family to come to the decision to ask for others to fund us.  As we move forward with this endeavor, we have been advised by several others in ministry, and looked at the statistics, and all of this has lead us to seek funding from our friends, family, and any others concerned for the well being of these children and families living in poverty.  Having fully funded leadership for a ministry has been correlated with faster growth and better long term stability.  If you would like to help us, please visit our fundrazr site. You can also join our prayer team by messaging us on what day of the month you would like to lift us up in prayer.

~With GOD, nothing is impossible.~

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