Thursday, July 20, 2017



What is it?

From the Latin words educatio and educo, meaning rearing or bring up and to lead out, raise up, respectively.

So, education needs to be put into context.  Bringing up from where?  Leading out from what?

Theses are the questions that have to be answered before we can say that something counts as education.  If we don't accept some start point and end point for the process, then there is nothing to lead out from, nor a destination to be led to.

As Christians, we have a starting point in a broken, self-centered worldview rejecting God.  Our end point though, is beyond our ability to lead someone to.  God, through the Holy Spirit, moves in our heart, minds, and lives to lead us to salvation in Christ.  Those of us who have already been lead out can follow the Great Commission, by presenting the Gospel, and discipling others.  This helps both the educator and the one being educated toward the final goal of leading a Christ centered life.

I hope my thoughts will help you think about your own "education" and the education you are giving to your children (or allowing them to receive).

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