Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Morning Routines

Lately we've been having some instrumental music on in the background to start the day and I have to say it's definitely helped my mood. I've chosen to play classical music because I really do love Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and the others. I've missed their talking in my life. And now I get to expose my children to some of the best music ever created. Not to say that there aren't others now that are creating, but if they don' t hear these masters how will they know what to espouse?

We've also been doing a morning Bible study together as a family. My husband's work day got pushed back so he gets to spend the mornings with us - which has been quite wonderful. We all have enjoyed our time together studying and discussing the Bible using the SOAP method. (SOAP = Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer for those that might not know what that stood for.)

Well it's time to run eat breakfast and do Bible study. Have a great day!

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