Thursday, February 9, 2017

Am I Under-Performing or Living a Life of Radical Sacrifice?

This past Sunday we were continuing our sermon series on Divine Mentor. There were some interesting thoughts that I have been pondering for the last few days.

One is whether as a Christian I am just under-performing ... am I just doing the minimum? If EVERYTHING we are to do is for HIS glory that includes the way I study, live, clean my house, do the dishes and laundry.

The other idea I've been pondering was that if we are in a relationship with Jesus it will require RADICAL Sacrifice. In Mark 14:5 we see that a woman (in another Gospel she is recognized as Mary) who pours out oil onto Jesus which would be equal to a year's salary in our day. Do you ... do I ... offer that type of sacrifice to the one I call Lord? He deserves lavish adoration, love and devotion.

So then why do we struggle to give Him what He deserves ... a simple daily devotion (of just 20 minutes), 10% of our income or time, being the hands and feet of Him to those we work with, our neighbors, our family?

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