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Sing A Song - A New TOS Review!! (Last one for 2012)

I love to sing.  It was what I was going to do in college as my minor until a myriad of other things happened, but singing has been a part of me and my life for a very long time.  When I was pregnant with my two girls I was a part of the worship team at church and it seems they've been singing since then.

The Product:
With the Crew we've had the opportunity to use and explore many products.  Most are parts of your main curriculum.  But every once in a while we've gotten some real gems.  The Vocal Coach is just one gem.  They have a collection of products to use to teach singing at home.  Both Chris and Carole Beatty have been teaching people to sing for over 40 years offering vocal seminars and private vocal coaching.  The Crew had the pleasure of reviewing two of their products - Teaching Kids To Sing and Vocal Coach Singer. Since my children are all younger I was able to get Teaching Kids To Sing and it has been very impactful in our home.
Teaching Kids To Sing is a 2 DVD/1 CD set to teach children (ages 5 - 13) about the basics in singing.  What are the basics? Posture, breathing, tone, rhythm, diction, dynamics, vocal health, and warm ups are all included in these DVD lessons.  The DVD's teach children using a cast of other kids of varying ages along with Mr. and Mrs. Beatty who are leading the lessons, singing along, and playing the piano.
The CD has 26 tracks, 13 with vocals and 13 with just the accompaniment music. They include the songs from the DVD as well as many warm-up exercises that the children can practice again and again. You also receive a small piece of paper in the case that has the lyrics of the songs as well as the warm-ups.  This bundle set is valued at $44.99.

Our Experience:
My girls have really enjoyed their 'music lessons' since we've received this product.  The songs are based on Christian ideas and concepts which my children thought was pretty awesome - so did I. Each of the DVD's are about 45 minutes in length and split the teaching lessons between the two DVD's.  The first one includes lessons on posture, breathing and tone as well as warm-ups.  The second DVD teaches rhythm, diction, and dynamics, as well as some information on keeping your vocal chords healthy, and warm ups. There aren't specific lessons on how to use this program in the bundle, but you will find ideas on how to  incorporate the lessons in your week on their homeschool page.
As soon as I told them the DVD's had arrived they wanted to stop EVERYTHING and go watch and listen.  I was able to hold them off until they had finished their 'regular' work for the day.  Once we started the DVD's they didn't want to stop so we pretty much listened to the whole DVD.  The rest of that week we focused a lot on what we had learned, particularly posture and keeping ourselves held up by a string, like they had learned.

My eldest daughter has been working on her posture a lot - she has a tendency to slump and lean.  When she heard Mr. Chris tell us we had to sit up straight so we could be able to breathe properly, it was like a light bulb went off.  She really loves to sing and you can find her singing or humming most of the day. ;)

Audrie also participated in the lessons and she enjoyed all the warm-ups.  I think that's because they sound so funny when you just say 'me ah me ah', etc.  The first few times she had trouble keeping a straight face and from laughing. She has enjoyed these lessons just as much and I've seen some improvement in her singing since watching the lessons.

We have been through both the DVD's and we continue to revisit the lessons throughout our weeks.  I know that I have noticed a lot of changes in their singing habits and it is all because of the lessons the Beatty's have put together in this DVD/CD bundle. They regularly ask for it to be music lesson time so I know that they are enjoying the lessons.  We've even made up some of our own 'warm-ups' to help get our voices warm and ready for the day. ;)

My Thoughts:
If you have a child or children who has an interest in singing this product would definitely be one I would recommend.  If your child is older you may also be interested in finding out more about Vocal Coach Singer.  You can learn more about this product as well as read the rest of the Crew reviews by clicking the banner below.


*** I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2011-2012 Crew and receive free products and services in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of money for any of my reviews. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences with the products and services that I receive.***

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