Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer is Here

This week we've taken a break in our regular school so that we could get into "summer" mode. We do continue to school throug the summer; it's just a very modified and relaxed schedule. So I keep up math and reading and then we fill in with whatever fits our week. This week also started our dollar movies for the summer and the first VBS of the summer. We have plans for 2 VBS, 4 special movie days, a 3 day soccer camp, and a music camp!  And that just takes us into the beginning of July.

Not to mention there are some great events happening this year and over the summer.  For one that would be the OLYMPICS!  Very happy that it is indeed another Olympic year and we will be joining in with the Olympic Co-Op being put on by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett while working on the last 2 weeks of her 4 week Olympics unit study.  We have also planned on really paying attention to the astronomical rarities happening this year (and some of which have already happened - like the transit of Venus across the sun early last week) so we'll be studying the moon with another USAB unit and then following up with a great e-magazine that we were introduced to via a review, called Celestial Almanac.  And since it is an election year we will probably delve into the subject of elections and the inauguration when we get closer to the end of summer. Then to round things out we'll pick a subject matter or two that the kids want to learn more about.

In years past, I have done "themed" summers.  So if the movie we were seeing that week (at the free/$1 theater) was about Kit Kittredge, the American girl, then we would study more about that time period.  Other times we have just kept on hitting a particular subject - say history - and then really do some fun hands on activities that may have been harder throughout the year when you have all your other subjects going.  I'm hoping that having a more relaxed pace this summer so we can have fun, all while continuing to school.

What are your plans for the summer?  Any vacations or small trips? Will you be adding in any school during your fun?  I'd LOVE to hear from you and find out what you're doing, so leave a comment if you stop by.

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