Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Movie Night - Game Day: Tackling the Past

Tonight at 8pm - on NBC Family Movie Night is showing their latest show - Game Day:Tackling The Past.  This time it revolves around a story about 2 brothers, both who had promise in the football arena, but only one made it - Jake Walker.  Jake is a professional football player living what he feels is his dream.  Meanwhile, his dad and brother are coaches for the high school that Jake and his brother graduated from.  But one incident, which occurs to Jake and his brother, would shape their futures forever.

Jake hasn't been back home in years until he gets a call that his dad is in the hospital.  Through a series of events Jake is challenged to tackle his past in order to face his new future.  What happens in the short time he has at home, not only changes his future, but that of his brother, his father, and their families.

I was given the great opportunity to not only watch this movie in advance, but to also be able to "chat" with the mom of the family - Catherine Hicks.  Most of you might know her best from Seventh Heaven where she also played the mom.  Catherine told us that this film was completed in about 5 weeks in North Carolina.  She also let us know that she jumped at the chance to be in this film because of it's message as well as she would be co-starring with Beau Bridges (who plays the dad). ;)  I had a lot of fun watching "with" Mrs. Hicks.

Here's a trailer that you will enjoy that will peek your interests.  You can also check out some more clips and videos here.  I hope you all enjoy the Family Movie Night and that you go and check them out on Facebook - that way you can keep apprised of their next movies.

I am so sorry for not posting this earlier this week, but some urgent matters occurred yesterday which prevented me to.

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