Saturday, August 13, 2011

Purging and Cleaning

For a while now I've been needing to do a REALLY deep clean of my house.  Our master bedroom has gotten out of control.  And even though we've lived in this rental for now three years the "school-area" has not been very defined.  I kept thinking I wouldn't put too much time into a school area since we weren't sure how long we'd be here.

But I finally took the plunge and began the purge and deep clean.  I don't have pictures yet ... but that's because they are both in flux and not complete.  I'm hoping to have them fully complete by Monday evening (Tuesday the latest) and will post the completed rooms then.

For now, I will tell you that we've hung a whiteboard and a corkboard in the dinning room and thinking about a furniture move of sorts; we have moved a ton of things around in the master, purchased a matching (yet very inexpensive) bookcase for the master as well as really clean behind and around things that haven't been moved in ... um ... well, probably since we moved in.  Anyways,  it's looking good.

But this will be a short post for two reasons.  My chair that I normally sit at in my room where the computer is, is in the living room  AND my bed is FULL of items.  So if I take anymore time my hubby will not be a happy camper come bedtime.  So while he's out helping run an errand for me, I'm supposed to be getting the bed 'uncovered' and usable.  Wish me luck?  What rooms are you purging and deep-cleaning??


Cristi said...

I really worked on the room that holds most of our school stuff this past week. I need to shovel out a bit more of our bedroom, too.

Anonymous said...

That is great! Glad to see you are tackling this.
We are also under a major underhaul. We are creating a family clothes area/closet. Everyone's clothes will be kept by the laundry room so that I can keep things more tidy. I am really really excited about this. I can just fold and put right away without having to take them up to rooms, put in drawers, etc. We put up two huge monster shelves, bought bins, I will post a blog entry on it soon.

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