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"Not" Back To School Blog Hop - Our Curriculum For This Year -

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Last year I joined on this Blog Hop and had so much fun so I decided to join in again this year. However, I am a little late. Last week's topic was all about curriculum.  So I am going to try and put down what we are planning to use.  The key word is planning. I still haven't really had a lot of time to see for sure what we'll be using, but I have the general all planned out so that's what I'll start with.

3rd Grade:
Can't believe my eldest will be in 3rd grade!  That is kinda crazy!!  Anyways, this is what her year will include:

English ~~
First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Vol. 3.  We did a portion of the combined volumes 1 & 2, but instead of finishing out that one I figured we'd start the year out fresh.  Plus it has review, so that will be helpful.

Spelling Power - We used this some last year, but we will do a "test" at the beginning of the year and then go on from there.

There will also be lots of reading, but that will span many areas.  I am so proud of her reading abilities ... she thrives on reading and always has a book nearby.

Math ~~

Okay, for this one, I thought we were settled, but we may not be.  We've started back doing minimal school work which includes reading, math and some unit studies.  So for now we will be using Singapore's Primary Math 2B, 3A, and 3B.

However, we may be switching to Life of Fred, especially since they now have 4 volumes of elementary  math before the "fractions" level.  Stephen hasn't fully decided so we'll have to see what happens.

Latin ~~
We will continue on with Song School Latin (which we did a review on last year). 

We will also be using Memoria Press' Latina Christiana.  Hopefully this won't be too hard for her, since she's been doing Latin since Kindergarten.  We'll take it slowly and if we have to repeat it again next year for a better understanding, that's fine with us.

History ~~

Story of the World Vol. 3 and Mystery of History Vol. 3 will be used in conjunction with each other.  The reason we do this is I LOVE the activity booklet that SOTW produces.  I also LOVE the Biblical emphasis placed in MOH which is not as prevalent in SOTW.  By combining them, I get the best of both worlds. ;)

Science ~~

Christian Kids Explore ChemistryChristian Kids Explore Chemistry will be the one we use this year.  This is the 3rd one in the series and we LOVE this series.

That is the basics.  We will be doing Bible, Latin, History and Science together.

Other  ~~

This will include PE, typing, unit studies, and any other items that might come up.

1st Grade:

Audrie will be doing some similar subjects and some on her own.

Math ~~

We will be finishing Singapore's Essential Math and then we will be moving on to their Primary Mathematics 1A

English ~~

We are continuing with the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, but I think we are finally seeing progress.  We won't be doing any spelling just yet, but when we do we will also be using Spelling Power with her.  I'll also be continuing to use Reading Kingdom as well as GoGo Kabongo from 2 reviews we did last  year.

Latin ~~

We will start at the beginning with Song School Latin and she will also start doing Prima Latina once she completed Song School.  She knows a lot more words in Latin, so we will mainly be focusing on the  writing portions and more definitions.

In addition, both girls will have Bible memory verses that we have as a family as well as their weekly memory verses for church; Character trait training using the Book of Virtues and some information over at Hubbard's Cupboard.  We will also be doing music, art, and nature study, but those will be more relaxed and free form and we will be doing them all together.

Tot School:

I will begin working with Seanan with his Tot School stuff.  He has some of his own "school" books and learning toys and tools, working with learning our colors, letters and their sounds, counting to 10, shapes, and other things toddlers like to do and learn.

And to top it all off we will be interspersing our school with reviews that I will be adding in from the TOS Homeschool Crew.

I hope you take some time and check out others who shared their curriculum choices for this year.  You never know you might find something that is just PERFECT for your family.

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