Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricanes and School

Well, as many of you know we have Hurricane Irene heading straight toward the eastern seaboard.  And since we live in SC, we had been preparing for the worst, knowing that in all likelihood, she wouldn't hit us and possibly not even crash into the US.

We've actually been talking a bit about it since Tuesday (when there was also an eastern earthquake that stretched from AL/GA all the way up to NY/MA.)  We've been watching the weather channel and keeping up with the news a little as we thinking about the need to prepare.  And as we have been doing that we've been steadily chugging along on our very relaxed introduction back into school (we don't start school until the first FULL week of September.)

So what do we, as homeschoolers, do??  A fun and interactive mini unit all about hurricanes of course. ;)  And since today was  Friday AND dad was home, we had some fun with it too.  So this morning I did a quick search online and found 2 very informative sites.  The first one was a free unit on Homeschool Share that also included a lapbook.  I didn't use much of this one, but that's mainly because of the impromptu nature of our study.  The second was the hurricane section of Weather WizKids.

This was a pretty awesome site.  I had Arianna read through it out loud so we could all hear.  Before that I had printed some of the FREE resources on the bottom that were appropriate for the age level in our house, including the tracking chart and this booklet that I also had Ari, read and then do the questions at the end.

Then as soon as we were done and getting ready to run some errands the weather began to change.  So we went outside to investigate.  This is a video we took of what we were watching in the sky.

Then I had dad work with Ari doing some fun 'real life' math from this page that called it Disater Math.  I also went over to KB Teachers and did a search on hurricanes to see if there were any other FREE printable we could do today.  Dad was also living here in SC during HUGO and talked all about his experience and what it was like to be outside during the storm when the eye was over the area.  He even found some cool images of Hurricane Hugo so the girls would be able to compare Hugo to Irene.

We finally were able to run some of our errands and here are the pictures.  This one is from the afternoon.
Then these are from the evening.  The first 2 are with a different setting on my pone (the night setting) which made it too bright and it wasn't as pretty as it was in real life.  The last one is the best night picture.

So that was our Friday.  A day of FUN homeschooling.  What did you do today?

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Marcy said...

impromptu unit studies are my favorite! Ben has been glued to the TV watching all of the hurricane coverage, so I can imagine we'll be doing some of the same next week! thanks for linking up!

Heather said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. We packed all day Friday, but read Gail Gibbon's book about Hurricanes during the hurricane. That was interesting!

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