Friday, January 28, 2011

Time for TenMarks: A New TOS Review!

Have you ever thought that your math program just wasn't cutting it?  Or that your child needs a bit more help in an area, but you just aren't able to help them understand?  Well, let me tell you about an online subscription based program called TenMarks.

The Product:
We were given the opportunity to review this program and I have been quite pleased with it.  TenMarks is a personalized curriculum for 3rd graders through high school.  It allows children to learn mathematical concepts at their own pace by completing four worksheets per week. Each worksheet is 10 questions, hence the name TenMarks.  (Ha! Okay, no more of my jokes.)  If a child needs help there are video lessons for each worksheet and you can get 'hints' for each problem (up to 3 hints.)

Each worksheet focuses on one concept whether it be counting money and making change. or time, or addition and regrouping.  As the parent you can set up rewards for your child once a specified number of worksheets have been completed.  Your child also receives access to 'games' after a certain number of worksheets have been completed as another type of reward.  You can get all this and more for just $10 per month per child.

Your parent account shows  your child's activity - when new worksheets were generated and when they are due; when new tests are assigned; concept strength; and more.  This is also where you can set up your own personal rewards.  You can check out the mathematical concepts for each grade level as well as take a free trial ride.
Our Experience:
We got started right away with this program.  Arianna had been getting a little 'stuck' so I thought a math program on the computer would help bring a little life.  So I went ahead and set up a reward of playing the Wii after 8 worksheets had been completed.  So once I explained the program to her, I basically sat back and watched.

And she loved it!  She thought she was getting away with something (I think) because her math was 'reduced.'  Instead of doing 2 pages in her regular curriculum I reduced it to 1 and then added on TenMarks.  It was a bit of a reduction, but not too much.  I also told her she could only do it once her math book was completed, so that in itself was a reward.

She goes and gets set up at the computer and I have her watch the video first to "learn the lesson."  Then she starts on her worksheet.  I had her write down her answers in her notebook so I'd have a record of what she was working on.  At the end of ten problems she hits 'submit' and the computer grades it.  If you get any problems wrong you are allowed to go and re-answer them.  Arianna did not like it when she did not get a perfect score.  However, she was relieved that she had a 'second chance' to fix her answers.

Since we had this program over the holidays, we were able to "pause the program."   Which allows you to take a vacation time (or holiday time or sick time) and not get 'behind' on worksheets.  That was a big plus for us.

My Thoughts:
I can see where at some point the multiple choice questions could allow for a bit of cheating of sorts.  However, if you have your child write down the answers or the problem (depending on their age) you would be able to see how they came to their choice of answer.

I love the reward system and that the computer can track where your child's strengths and weaknesses in math are.  They even have the ability to reorder the way the curriculum is delivered which allows you to match your primary math program.  These are all very good benefits.  And I hear from my other Crew members that they have superb customer service, which is always a good thing to know.

So, if you have a struggling math student then this is a great supplemental math program.  Even if you want to give your child(ren) a change of pace, I recommend it.  My husband also commented on the way they had set up the concepts being taught.  He thought they came in a logical order, which is not always the case with math texts.  You can even discover more about TenMarks with this videos.  And don't forget about reading about what my other Crew members thought about TenMarks too!

*** I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2010-2011 Crew and receive free products and services in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of money for any of my reviews. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences with the products and services that I receive.***

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