Monday, January 17, 2011

Such is Life - Fit Mommy Friday.

I meant to do this post on Friday and then Saturday, and then I knew I wouldn't post on Sunday. So here it is Monday and I'm finally getting to post this. Things just haven't been happening quite like I have wanted them too, lately and my "time" to do things that need to be done without some little ones seem to keep being bombarded by little ones. Ah well ... such is life.

Back to my weigh-in. Last Sunday I weighed and I weighed this past Friday and I've lost 2 pounds! That is awesome, at least for me. Unfortunately, my dear husband, doubled my weight loss (but I am very happy for him.) It just bums me out a bit that he can lose so much so quickly and eat more then me. Oh well ... such is life.

What have I done? Gone back to my strict low-carb eating. Mostly veggies, meats, cheeses, limit my Coke Zero's to no more then two (usually just one) per day, and drink one of my new Starbucks water container (which I think is 24 oz., but I'm not sure.)

I plan to add in exercise sometime, but not sure exactly when since I really don't have the time (see above.) So what I will do is park as far away as I can whenever I'm going out anywhere, walk around my square (when possible) and walk up and down the stairs in our home more. At least then I'm not not exercising, just exercising out of the box.

So it's a good start and I can't wait to see next week's results which will be for a full week.


Annie Kate said...

Of course being active during the day is exercise! It's not measurable in the same way as 'formal' exercise, but we home educators know about doing things outside the box, don't we? ;)

Have a great week!

Annie Kate

Lorus! said...

I think a concious effort to be more active is terrific exercise. Ofthen it is easier to maintain long term as well! Congratulations on the weight loss on healthier eating.

lexi @ pink and orange coffee said...

it is totally ok to be is certainly better than never! ANd congrats on your 2! I agree that it isn't fair that guys lose more, faster. GRRR!

Briana said...

I'm finding that as I lose I want to be active more during the day. I paced back and forth as I read aloud to my children today. I just need to move more.

Great job on losing two pounds! I'm eating meat and veggies also but sadly no dairy. I hope you have an awesome week!

Anonymous said...

I miss you tons today, so I thought the best thing I could do (besides giving you a ring) is wander over to your blog to see what's happening.

That is great! 2lbs is wonderful. I lost 0 pounds this week. The sad part is I really couldn't tell you why. Thomas on the other hand lost 4 lbs! Bummer for me. Men are just that way. So I feel your pain. HOWEVER, 2lbs is definitely good and in the right direction. Keep it up!

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