Saturday, January 8, 2011

Didn't Expect This to be So Hard

Just a few things.  I mentioned that I was reading the Bible in 90 Days earlier this week.  I'm going to be honest.  I'm behind.  But I plan to catch up tonight and tomorrow.  I was hoping to read most of it with my husband, but since I've been "waiting" to read with/to him it really hasn't worked out.  So I'm reading whenever I can.  He's been really busy trying to get ready for teaching and going back to school himself this upcoming semester.

So it's been hard finding the time to read to him or for me to just read.  I think it is still doable, and I'm not stopping  or quitting.  Just letting you know what's going on.

I'm keeping this post short, since I'm working on some Sunday School materials for tomorrow.  I recently became the "point person" (or the one in charge of making sure the materials) for the 2 yo classroom.  I'm laminating and cutting out some little dolls and then attaching velcro dots so the kids can dress them up.  Tomorrow he'll be a shepherd.  But then the following two weeks, the dolls will be used again to correspond with the story of the Prodigal Son.

Also so you all know, Monday I go back on my dieting/lifestyle change.  My goal is from the 10th of January until my birthday in March.  Not sure exactly what the "goals" will be, but I'm going hard core starting Monday (and forcing my husband to participate too.)  We can't keep pushing the change off.  Now is the time.  So wish me luck and check back with me to see how it's going.  I would love the encouragement as well as the accountability.


Briana said...

I did the Bible in 90 days challenge last year. I ended up listening to part of it each day. I don't know if I would have made it if I had stuck to reading.

Lisa said...

I am also making a diet/lifestyle change this year. Maybe I should make my goal to my birthday (it's Jan 23) I might be able to make that. Good luck with yours and your bible reading.

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