Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cleaning ... Cleaning ... and More Cleaning

Today I had decided that since daddy was home we were going to tackle the girls room and try to get everything back in its place so that when Christmas comes (and all the new presents) that
     #1 there would be room for them;
     #2 I would feel like to room had been really clean; and
     #3 we could get rid of broken stuff and junk and give away any toys that
          weren't necessary.

Well, my plans didn't go quite as planned.  I was called in the early afternoon by my parents to let me know that they had been in a car accident.  This was quite a shock to me especially since it was my dad's fault (technically and legally.)  I only know of one other accident my dad has had and that was years and years ago.  He is one of the best drivers I know.

So I ended up trying to go and get some stuff for them at a store since their jeep was not in a very good drivable condition. (picture to come later - very tired right now.)  So when we finally got started (about 3 hours later then expected) we put Seanan down for a nap and started unloading the room.

Then we started separating and labeling the bins so it would be easier for them to remember which bins held which toys (at least that is my intention.)  Then we took a break for dinner and of course by that time Seanan was back up.  The second half of the cleaning included Seanan sitting in a stroller playing with a few non-choking hazards we found in the room.

After about 5 hours we are about 1/2 done.  We had to stop in order to put everyone to bed.  I don't see us getting much done tomorrow, but we'll see.  Church days are always long and Stephen and I will be working in the children's area in the morning, so I think the cleaning will have to be postponed until Monday.

I plan on posting pictures after we are all done so make sure you check back so you can see the progress.  And in case you were wondering , my parents are fine; just a little sore.  But please pray that the jeep is fixed soon and with the littlest amount of money possible.  It's their only car so this will make getting mom to work a little weird.  She's a nurse and leaves the house before 5:30am.  My dad has his trike, which is the plan for Monday.

Talk to you all soon. 

1 comment:

Guiding Light said...

Always a fun job - NOT! I look forward to seeing pictures. Glad your parents are ok!

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