Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Holiday Bliss - Dec 19

For today's Holiday Bliss I am going to share about some Christmas Cheer.

On Friday my girls were out with their Savtah (grandma in Hebrew) and Seanan was sleeping and my husband and I were spending some time together talking. The door got a knock. It was the post lady so Stephen went to check and at our door was a mysterious brown box. The box was addressed to the Walker kids (with their names on it.) The mysterious part was the return address. It said:
Christmas Cheer
123 I Care
Charleston, SC

Now, I'm pretty sure that this is a fictitious address. Don't you? Anyways, I was not about to just give the box over to my children. I inspected the handwriting on the outside. Then I closely opened up the tape and looked for clues to see if I could figure out where it was really sent from. No luck.

Once the box was open I found a note that said these gifts were for my children to have a little Christmas Cheer and was signed with love and Kisses. Inside there were 2 gifts for Seanan, a package for each of the girls wrapped, and a craft for each of the girls.

We forgot to have the children open them or even tell them about the mysterious box until tonight. So after dinner and before bed we had them open the gifts and had Arianna read the box and the letter. The girls received princess memo pads and crayons and Seanan received two squishy balls (a basket ball and a football.)

So that's my Holiday Bliss ... a little Christmas Cheer. Thank you to whomever these gifts came from. My girls and Seanan love them. Aria said she was very anxious to try and figure out who they came from.

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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

What a fun surprise. I'm glad that your family was blessed. :)

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