Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Holiday Bliss - Dec 24

Tonight was the annual Christmas Eve dinner with my husband's family. We get together each year and celebrate with eating, music, the Bible reading and opening of some presents. This year was much like the rest except for 2 things. One my two girls decided they were going to have their own performance where Arianna was Joseph and Audrie was Mary and they had Baby Jesus born in the manger. It was very cute and they thought of it all by themselves. Then Arianna decided to add to the show by playing on the piano Silent Night (even though she has no piano training). It was adorable. I am so proud of their initiative and love for the Lord.

The second was the original song that my cousin (he's a senior in high school, but highly talented in music) and his friend wrote and sang. It was awesome and I got it on video. Before I share it here, I want to ask him, but let me tell you it was great.

One other item that made tonight's celebration different then most is that we had Italian food for dinner instead of the normal "Christmas" offering of food. We had baked ziti, Olive Garden like salad, and garlic bread. It was yummy!

Need to run and get the rest of the baking for tomorrow's pies done. Tomorrow we have Christmas Lunch/Dinner/Lupper at my parents house. So what is your Holiday Bliss?

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SisterTipster said...

Sounds like a lovely time~Christmas blessings! HUGS!

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