Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Holiday Bliss - Dec 14

Today's Holiday Bliss is all about the tree. We get a live tree because ... well, mainly because I just love them. I like the way they smell. I like the way they look. And they are fun to go and get.

This year we decided to look at a few of the places that have live trees for sale (instead of going to the tree farm and finding one and cutting one down.) We went to a place that we've had good luck with finding a nice tree for a good price.

The funny thing is how cold it actually is here. If you don't know I live in SC where winter is generally a week or two at the end of January into February. Not this year. Which is very funny seeing as last year we got snow. YEP you read that right, snow ... in South Carolina. It was AMAZING! Well the weather is even colder this year then I ever remember. And getting your Christmas tree when it's warm outside is just not the same as when it's cold, especially when you are originally from the north (like I am - New York will always be home.)

So back to the tree. The girls were set on this tree.

However, daddy had to tell them no because it just would not fit. It would be like the tree in that Curious George episode where the chair gets stuck on the top of the tree and it leans in their house. So after that disappointment we settled on this tree.

After getting it tied on and then brought back home and unloaded we had to remind the girls that we would not be decorating it tonight. They thought we were doing it all now. We had to teach them about the 'fall' of the branches that has to happen first so that putting the lights and decorations on will be easier.

So here is a picture with all my little cuties ready for bed in front of the tree tonight. We had to rearrange the furniture today too just to get thing situated and try to keep Seanan 'penned' out in preparation of the ornaments on the tree wanting to be ripped off.

Head on over to the Garden of Learning to see what others are blissful about during this holiday season.


Our Village is a Little Different said...

I can still remember how excited I was to get our tree when I was little. I see it in your children's faces!

Guiding Light said...

Fun, fun, fun! Blessings my friend.

The Unsell Family said...

We get a live tree too every year. I too love them. It's been super cold here in AL for this time of year too. I love the look on your children's faces- priceless!

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