Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Holiday Bliss - Dec 12

Today's Holiday Bliss is all about my wonderful husband. I was able to get my hands on some tickets to a Carolina Panther's game that happened to be today. I worked out babysitting (for all three of the little ones) and managed to have no responsibilities for either him or me at church (like working back with the children or helping run sound). So I jumped at the opportunity.

I have been trying to get tickets to a game as a birthday or Christmas gift for over 10 years. It has never worked. These basically fell into my lap. And even though I wasn't able to "surprise" him (by taking him there without him knowing a thing) it was still an awesome present.

We left very early this morning ~ way before I ever like to see the day begin ~ and get there with plenty of time to check out the store and buy some little trinkets for the children. Arianna had asked if we would bring them something back and I told them I'd see. Then we got some VERY EXPENSIVE food, but we were hungry so we shared a drink and fries to save on some cost.

Then we meandered our way to our seats ... our very high, at the very top of the stadium seats. However, the players were not ants. I could still see their numbers. I will add some pictures tomorrow, but I am too beat to do that now.

I only could have wished two things. One would be if they could have won. But we both knew going into it that the possibility of Carolina winning was slim to none. they only have 1 win this season and they were going against a team that's going to the playoffs. We were going for the 'experience' more then anything. The second thing would be to have remembered about those little hand heater things that my mother-inn-law gave to us. It was FRIGID!! Between the wind blowing and our location we were cold. By the end I could not feel my feet and then could not feel warmth until we were almost home (which is a 3.5 hour ride.) I had two layers of pants plus a blanket, gloves, scarf and ear warmer/headband, and 3 shirts and a big hoodie. I was still COLD!

All for my honey! And he loved it. So I am happy to have been able to "give" him this Christmas gift and that we were able to experience it together. Love you, honey. Merry Christmas!

*** edited to add pictures.***
Front of stadium

There's hubby - doesn't he look excited?

Very foggy and taken about half way up to our seats.

Still practicing before game.

Game time - in our seats. We were in the very last row up.

Not a very full stadium, but a time to remember.

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