Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenege - November 30th

For some reason I thought that this meme challenge ended on Thanksgiving.  Oh well, grace for me again. :)

I am thankful for leftovers.  I don't know about you but one of my most favorite things about Thanksgiving food are the leftovers.  They last for days.  You can make sandwiches.  You can reinvent your meal into a totally different meal.  Not all leftovers are quite as good (at least in my humble opinion), but Thanksgiving leftovers are some of the best.

Want to join in for another meme?  Over at Garden of Learning (the same great lady who started this Gratitude meme) is hosting a Holiday Bliss meme that will begin tomorrow for the whole month of December.

Here's the button for the Holiday Bliss meme:

Here are the rules:
To participate in this one, you can share favorite holiday recipes, crafts, traditions, things you do during the month, thoughts on Christmas or Hanukkah, pictures of your family during December, or just anything that has something to do with this blessed holiday season. Since we are going through the entire month of December, the meme should lead us right up to the new year. So don’t forget to include those holiday plans as well. I will host this meme again, so you can come here daily and link up on the linky tools.

Hope you join in. I know I will be trying to join in daily (although I might not make it every day.)


Our Village is a Little Different said...

I barely cooked a thing for three days after Thanksgiving, and there are still some leftovers in the fridge!

I'm glad I got to know you better through this meme, and am looking forward to Holiday Bliss!

Vickie said...

We still have a little turkey left over but everything else was gone the next day. You are right, there is nothing like Thanksgiving left overs. Hmmm....I wonder if it would be the same if you had the same dinner in May? Would the leftovers be just as good. I'm thinking not LOL See you on the next tour.

Samantha said...

Thank you Kelly!

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