Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taking the Plunge

I'm not sure if I'm crazy, but I have signed up to participate in NaNoWriMo.  Now if that looks like gibberish to you it stands for the National Novel Writing Month which begins NOVEMBER 1st.  That is tomorrow.  And the goal is (as an adult) to write a 50,000 word fiction novel in one month. 

I've also signed Arianna up.  Audrie and her might write the story together, but for ease I only signed Ari up.  She is way more prepared then me.  Her word count is also way lower (I think it's only 3,000 words.)  Their site is the Young Writers Program.  If you are interested in having your child join in I'd encourage you to sign up, especially if your child is especially gifted and talented with writing or telling creative stories.

So I would appreciate an encouragement throughout the month as we try and to meet our goal.  I would also love any ideas for a story (as I have yet to come up with one for tomorrow's beginning.)  I am leaning either to a fanciful fiction story or a historical fiction for young children.  I don't want to give away any ideas, but as I said NOTHING is in stone (or paper or print) yet.  And there is always time for revisions.

So there are about four and a piece hours before the writing frenzy will begin.  As unready as I am I still feel I need to do this.  At least as an example for my daughter.  If we do not meet our goals, we still would have attempted to accomplish something that few people ever do in their lifetime.  It's all about the journey.

I'd love any encouragement and I hope to 'update' you throughout the month to let you know if we're meeting our goals or not.  So be sure to check back and see whow we are doing.


Tristan said...

You can do it! Whoo Hoo! I'm ready for tomorrow. I'll be trying to write each morning before the kids get up, then finish what I need for my word count for the day during quiet time. Oh, and I still need to blog somewhere in there too - I'm diving in tomorrow with no real plan. Makayla (my 4th grader) is much more prepared than I am.

Lorus! said...

No real plan here either. I do have a story idea - but like you my daughter (12) is more prepared than I am.

I agree that even if I don't complete 50000 words it will be a fun adventure and I'll probably write more than I would have if I never tried!

Kelly said...

Yeah I don't really have a plan so much. I know that tomorrow (and tonight) I'm really trying to figure out what I'm writing about. AHHHH!!! I'm a little nervous, but I'm with you Lorus at least I will have done more then if I had never tried.

Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

Very cool! Both of my daughters signed up for NaNoWriMo, although I think only the older one will complete one, since she's the writer. I write non-fiction only!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting the other day :-)

Briana said...

Go Girl!

I don't have any book ideas I just decided on mine today. I had one idea and that's what I'm writing, unless I change it midway. I'm writing my journey as a mother.

Best wishes!

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