Thursday, October 28, 2010

Planning is Even For an Elementary Student

You may be thinking, "What kind of planning does a K-3 really need to be doing?"  Well, let me take some time to tell you how.

First off, my eldest daughter, Arianna, loves my planner.  So when I asked her if she wanted one for her very own she was almost beside herself.  It was actually quite cute.  We were able to review the new TOS Primary Schoolhouse Planner.  We have plans of getting hers either bound or at least put in a three ring binder, but for right now it stands clipped together.

The Primary Planner included over 200 pages of articles, calendars, must-know lists, as well as articles, planning sheets, memorization records, chore charts and many more.  They had several different styles of calendars to choose from as well as several of the forms and lists so that each planner could be completely customized to meet the needs or desires of the particular child.  At a low price of $9.95 I think this is a great bang for your buck!

I printed off the cover on cardstock so that it would hold up.  After that I went through page by page allowing Arianna to see each and every document that was available.  Then I told her to take some time and think about what she might want and how she would want to assemble her very own planner.

A day or so later, I sat at the computer moving from the first page to the last page as she told me which ones she would like to have printed.  Her planner includes a calendar (with lines) for November and December, an article about time management for students,  some useful 'at-a-glance' sheets (including the alphabet and numbers in sign language - which is her favorite part, a multiplication chart as well as information on Roman numerals.

Some of the 'fill-in' lists or logs she picked included a book log, a Scripture memory form, an attendance chart (so she can say when she's in school - hee hee), and weekly planning forms for her to write what she accomplishes each day.  Arianna also asked to print the chore chart and a chronological Bible reading schedule. (She has been using that since the beginning of the week and seems to be really enjoying it.)

Mom (that's me) told her it would be a good idea to print out the Family Rules sheet as well as the Important Numbers sheet so that she would be able to write them all down and keep track of them.  (I'm also secretly hoping that in writing the rules and numbers down that it will help her learn the information.)

We also printed some informational lists that we would be covering this year.  One is about the Planets.  Some others had to do with the 13 colonies as well as all the states which will help us during this year as we are participating in a post card swap.

The only thing I didn't really like is that when you print the planner pages out they come with page numbers on them.  The reason that matters is that if you rearrange the order of your planner it will look "wrong" due to the page numbers.  However, the page numbers are necessary as an online document so that it is easier to 'jump' to a certain page that you might have written down.  So it's a balance.  I think I may just white the numbers out (so my daughter doesn't tell me I put them in the wrong order.)

So just because your child is young  or little, don't count them out.  They might really want to add "structure" to their day or lives.  I know that Arianna is still getting used to having her own planner, but I think she really loves it.

Now that I have told you all the benefits, why don't you go right now to purchase your very own Planner.  There are Planners for all ages, Kindergarten - adult.  Oh and if you purchase the original Schoolhouse Planner this week there will be an added bonus. Over at Reviews and Reflections, Heidi is running a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card (or other store or restaurant of your choice) up until October 31st.  All you have to do is email her after your purchase and you will be entered.  If she reaches more then 20 purchases she will be increasing the drawing to a $50 gift card!  Now that is some incentive.  You can go to her blog and see all the rules about entering in her giveaway.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go check out the Primary Planner, any of the TOS Schoolhouse Planners or bundles that they have available.  You never know, it might be the beginning of a new, structured child.  (Or a new you) :)

***I was given the opportunity to review this product in exchange for a thorough and honest review.  I was not given any further compensation for this review.  I am a member of the 2010-2011 TOS Homeschool Crew.  My comments about the Planner reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences after using the Planner.  I may be eligible for a prize on an independent blog.***

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