Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Homeschooling a 2nd, K5, and a Tot - Week 1

So this week I decided I'd make sure I was cataloging our school week more. However, the weekend came and went with no post on the subject. Yet I have all these pictures and ideas of what we accomplished last week, that I still want to share.

I hope that sometime soon I can get myself in bit more of a schedule so as not to haphazardly make posts. I like order, but these last two weeks I've been lacking something because I keep forgetting what day I'm on and what I had planned to post. I guess I should start to figure out that schedule your post thingy.

Anyways, back to our week. We did some new things this week. Audrie was able to listen to some audio Bible stories because I found my old portable CD player walkman (I know showing my age ...) She sat there and listened to two whole books, and they had songs at the end. She loved it.

Then her Savtah had found these foam animals and each animal has a foam letter that you can push out of them. So she sat and popped all the letters out and made a stack of letters and a stack of animals. Then we mixed them up a bit and she picked out a letter, had to tell me what it was and it's sound and then find the animal it went in. The 'finding the correct animal' was a bit of a nuisance seeing as some of them did not really start with the corresponding letter, but technically they do start with the letter (ie. V = vulture, but she said it was a bird and started with "B" - see ... confusion.)

Ari had fun with her Latin by creating a Latin Declension Train for the verb "amo." She had fun with it and even used her brother's decals in his room as inspiration.

On another day, while Seanan was having his portion of school (a Tot School to post for him later), the girls made bracelets (which were party gifts they had gotten at Arianna's birthday party. Here's what they looked like after being created.

Then Arianna wanted to 'cook' ... so she made grits, all by herself!

Later on in the early evening the girls wanted to go outside and run and play. When they went out they found a flock of geese. So then of course, you know what happened next.

Feeding them of course! We ran in to get some bread (and some leftover, stale puffs) Then the geese almost ran after us so I had to scare them away and the girls ran all the way back to the house. It was quite funny!

We also had fun playing Math cards, attempting to play Chess (the girls played each other with their own rules), handwriting, reading, exercise interspersed throughout the day, and chores. Arianna also took a Survey test and Placement Test for spelling. She really enjoyed it, which is funny - I like spelling too! :)

(as a side note I will add pictures later this week. My computer is acting funny and thinks I have no more space to upload them to so it's not really downloading anything. The pictures really make this post - but I hope you all can "see" the actions.)

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Anonymous said...

Amo (I love) Latin! and would have love to have seen this declension train...I've never seen one.

Looking forward to the photos!

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