Friday, August 27, 2010

A Week of Much Stress - Fit Mommy Friday

Well, this week started off to be good, but then good went to okay and then traversed down the road of "oh, no."

Let me explain, this week my husband not only went back to work (he works at a college) tutoring, but he also is teaching his first college level class.  He is also going back to school himself and not taking one by TWO classes in the realm of statistics (not my subject - I stay very far away from that!)  So because daddy was going back to school we have started our "start slowly back into the swing of school" so that the girls could get re-acclimated to school and we could figure out this new schedule (Daddy doesn't have to be at work until 12p.)

So my week has consisted of barely getting my lesson plans completed in the morning and figuring what we are doing, not to mention when.  Then the littlest, Seanan, has not been very cooperative in his "alone" time playing in the living room while we are only a mere 4 feet away at the dining room table.

To add on more stress, my eldest, Arianna, turns 7 TODAY!  Her birthday party is planned for tomorrow and silly mommy also scheduled desert duty for a church function Sunday afternoon. And we all know that stress does not help one lose weight.

Now when you add all that together it equals not a very good week.  However, I have been able to continue our family's 100 Day Challenge (except for last night where I pulled something in my calf.)

And to top it all off I forgot to weigh in this morning before eating (that's how I normally weigh) so this weeks numbers are a bit skewed, but from the looks of it I don't think I lost any, just stayed steady.  Staying steady is okay, but I'd much rather be losing.

But it is my own fault.  I've had no real exercise except for the 100 Day Challenge (today is day 14, can we say awhh!) I indulged in a banana split which was shared with my husband on an impromptu study date (he had to do homework and that was dinner - I know you can gasp), M&M's, and ate WAY too many carbs!  So I'm shocked that my scale didn't throw me off in horror.

Plans for this week, start off a little low since I have a house to clean, several cakes to make, brownies and chocolate dipped pretzels, a birthday party to host and a church event all before Sunday at 12p.

I do plan on continuing with our version of the 100 Day Challenge of burpees, pull-ups, punches and kicks (which each arm does the requisite day meaning that you double the amount of punches and kicks).  I need to add in extra walking around the neighborhood at least 2 times this week, and I need to drink more water.  I think water intake has been way lower then necessary.  I don't really replace water with anything, I just forget to drink it.
And I need to make sure I watch out for those yummy carbs which keep sneaking up on me and entering my daily eating.

I guess that is all for now.  I hope this week is way better for me and I hope that your week has been great.  Don't forget to head on over to Got Chai? and link up with her Fit Mommy Friday posts.  We all need each other's encouragement to keep on working at it.  I know I do better when I have more comments telling me how your week has gone and encouraging me not to give up.  Thank you all!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a delicious week to me!

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