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My Day is Not the Same as Your Day - Not Back to School Blog Hop

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Well this is the last week for the Not Back To School Blog Hop and this weeks topic is a typical day in your homeschooling life. I had forgotten the topic for this week so I took some notes throughout our day on Wednesday so I could show you some snippets. However, our "school" time has not really begun. We take things slowly at the beginning so that by the first full week of September we are going strong.

On Wednesday the day had not started out quite "typical," but we'll go with it. We woke up around 8:30a (yes I know we wake up late - but we're a stay up late kind of family and my kiddos have all slept late in the morning since birth) and got breakfast ready, got dressed, and started the dishwasher.

Then daddy had to leave. Normally, daddy would not have left for another hour or more, but he had another errand to attend to before heading to work. So instead of getting into our DNG Pizza Party unit study we did some separate things. Arianna worked some with the Pyramath cards working on her math skills (which is one of the reviews we are working on - look forward to a post on this soon.)

Audrie first did some in her math book and then decided to play memory with a Leap Frog's Bilingual Memory Mate and matched a lot of them on her own. She then got tired of them before she had found all her matches so that was over.

At this time, Seanan played with a CBD magazine flipping through the pictures and then went to play in his area with his Legos and other toys.

We then did our history. We talked about the rebuilding of the temple and Zerrubabel and then we acted out their celebration.  Then we took a break. At break time, the girls worked on running up and down the stairs, and jumping jacks for a little bit of exercise.

By 12:30 it was almost time for Seanan's nap and lunch so that's what we did. Eat and nap (well only one of us, but man I like naps.) When Ari was done with lunch she went and read a chapter from Farmer Boy, which she is almost finished with. After lunch we went outside and watered our garden (or our attempt at a garden) and found two little critters out there - a baby grasshopper and a baby lizard. The girls love watching them. We attempted to catch them, but we were unsuccessful.

So now it's finally time to start Day 2 of Pizza Party. This is their "fun" school work for the day. We usually make a game out of reading the page, running to the computer and watching the videos and clicking on the interactive stuff, and then running back to fill-in the answers. The girls have their own "books" that we create and we will do a joint lapbook.

We have a lot more to go. And we do not glue the pieces all in until the lapbook is complete so that we can see which mini book would fit in the best spot and whether we may need another page.

Then we read a chapter from a book we're reviewing with TOS Homeschool Crew. And lastly we worked on some handwriting practice with Peterson Directed Handwriting another review product for TOS. (Look for those reviews in the next few weeks.)

When our official school starts, we will be adding in math (not just fun review cards), Latin, Spelling, Art and Music study at least once per week, and Bible with an emphasis on character study.

Hope you've enjoyed your peek into our world. If you stop by from the blog hop, please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you all.

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Samantha said...

I think next year I am going to ease back in as well. Have a great year!

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