Thursday, August 19, 2010

Student Pictures 2010-2011 - The Not Back to School Blog Hop

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Well this week at the Not Back to School Blog Hope is Student Photo Week. So I've tried to capture some pictures of all the "school children" both standing still and at play.

Our first student, Arianna, will be in the 2nd grade:

She is almost 4 feet tall and loves to read and talk! Her favorite subject is history - but that changes periodically. That's just what she says is her favorite now.

Our second student, Audrie, will be starting K5:

Audrie is a bundle of energy from the moment she awakes until the moment she actually falls asleep. She loves doing crafts and she is our resident cook-in-training.

Our third, and last for now, student, Seanan, will be in Tot School. At the moment I haven't figured it all out yet, but I will try and use a lot of the ideas I find over the Internet and at Tot School

He is ALL BOY! I did not realize how much different girls and boys really are until now! He loves trucks and cars, and other vehicles that make noise. He is also into everything and anything which really makes getting things done quite an undertaking. If he's not in a contained area I'm having to watch him like a hawk and if he is in a contained area he gets very grumpy very quickly.

And here they are all together.
And no school is complete without the Teacher and Principal.  So here we are.

So there you have it. Our little school! Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to head on over to the Not Back to School Blog Hop and enter your post. Have a great school year!

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