Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reading, Reading, and More Reading

Today I had a bunch of time (which is not usual for a Saturday) and Audrie really wanted me to read some books. So while Stephen worked on my computer (endlessly, for hours) I was able to read her some books. Arianna didn't want to be left out so she squeezed up next to me so we could all see the pictures.

Audrie told me that her favorite book is still the ABC Magnet book that I mentioned last week (you can see that post here.) But she said that her new favorite was My Child My Princess. I had never read this book (which is because books just appear out of thin air in our house, just like toys ... most from Savtah - my mother-in-law.) We also read Oh, the Pets You Can Get and Bee & Me. I loved the Bee & Me mainly because of the 'flying bee' and other movement pictures within the book. They were awesome!

Arianna loves to read and before she sat with us reading she had already completed her latest book - Little House in the Big Woods. She said she is ready for a new book, so I guess we will be getting the next one in the series (which is Little House on the Prairie, but we read that first by accident, so we'll be getting the 3rd book in the series very soon.)

Seanan still has his favorites - but we haven't read Are you My Mother? lately. Today we read Little Chick Liz Conrad about 3 times. I need to find some more books for him. I have the girls going through their bookshelf and getting all the baby books (board books and such) out so I can make them Seanan's books and they won't have an overload of books in their room that they really don't read.

I finished the second in the 9/11 Series - Beyond Tuesday Morning. This week I will be embarking on the 3rd (and I think final ) in this series called Every Now & Then. After this one is over, I will be perusing some books I received from my mother-in-law as well as some others from another friend.

Stephen, I think, is still reading A Beautiful Math. Lately he's been more interested in this new computer operating system called Ubuntu (which I know have on my computer) so he's been reading and researching a lot on that. Does that count for reading? Probably.

So what have you been reading. Do you have any suggestions for a new author - Christian fiction? I'd love to have some. And be sure to hope on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and link up your favorites

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR! I really love getting peeks into what older children and adults are reading. It's neat that the girls can pass the books to their younger brother, so the books can get a new life. So far I've had the hardest time parting with Anna's books, but some of them are slowly moving to my coworker's son who is 1.

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